J M Sierra Company is a full-service construction firm, offering a variety of services, including engineering, pre-construction consultation, budget analysis, value engineering, and construction management for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential clients. We have taken great care to assemble a team of experienced personnel and subcontractors who are among the best in their fields. Each has demonstrated professional abilities that enable us to complete projects both on time and with minimal surprises and disruptions.


  • Engineering
  • Pre-Consultation Consulting
  • Budget Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Management

What Clients Are Saying

We want to thank you for both the great work of your company and your prompt response to our situation. We truly appreciate your willingness to work with our office schedule.Melby & Anderson LLP, Patrick A. Liddell, La Cañada, CA

Thank you so much for having Adiel here. He really did a good job and managed to fix whatever someone else did wrong! Thanks for providing such good people to do such good work in a short amount of time. You've been great!Laurel & Jim Patric, Glendale, CA

We had a major plumbing problem underneath the house with ancient plumbing. I am thankful for you and your workers' way of doing business, keeping time frames, calling me, and always leaving things in order as much as possible. We are used to the Jose Sierra way of doing business!June Loo, La Cañada, CA